Customized 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute massage sessions. Light relaxation to deep tissue or anywhere in between. Sports massage and headache work. Quiet, private setting with scented oils, professionally cleaned sheets, heated table, hot packs and stones. Free spring water too!


Full-Body Massage (with hot packs & stones)

This is a full-service massage available for 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 2-hour sessions. The massage which includes scalp, face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, feet, hips and legs. Various stretches are also incorporated in the session. Emphasis is placed on areas which require more attention. Each session is customized to the clients needs.

60 minutes$60.00
90 minutes$80.00
2 hours$115.00

Targeted Massage (with hot packs & stones)

A massge which is directed to one or more specific areas. Fors example, back-neck-shoulders or legs-hips or other areas of your choice. This treatment is designed for targeting specific problem areas. It is customized to your needs.

30 minutes$35.00

Packages (with hot packs & stones)

Multiple massage packages with discounts ranging from ten to twenty percent off.

5, Half-Hour Massages$155.00
5, 1-Hour Massages$270.00
5, 90 Minute Massages$360.00
12, One-hour massages$600.00


Gentle, soothing and relaxing session for pregnant women designed to relieve sore areas. This session is suitable for woman from the first through the ninth month of pregnancy. The massage is conducted on an inclined table with the woman naturally on her side. Special wedge pillows and spacers are used. Concentration is typically on the shoulders, low back, feet and hips.

60 minutes$65.00
90 minutes$85.00

Foot Massage

A relaxing, fully-clothed session concentrating exclusively on the feet. It includes a refreshing stringent rub, soothing herbal lotions, and warm stone treatment.

30 minutes$30.00

Headache Session

This is a specialized session exclusively for reducing the pain of headaches. The work is concentrated on the scalp, frontalis (forehead), temporalis (temples), sinus area, masseter (jaw/ear area), neck, the occipital ridge (base of the skull), and the upper back. A foot massage is typically included while the back is warmed with hot packs.

30 minutes$35.00
45 minutes$45.00

Couples or Individual Massage Workshop Class

Private massage workshop for a couple or an individual. Learn how to relax your partner, relieve sore muscles, reduce stress and tension. Workshop is two hours long. By appointment. Bottle of massage oil included. Price is per couple.

2 hours$175.00

Spray Tanning

An instant, safe, rich and natural looking tan is custom applied minutes. While tanning beds and the sun expose you to the danger of harmful and damaging UVA and UVB rays, a spray tan is safe and does not dry out your skin and cause an aged appearance. This tan lasts up to ten days. It is a great idea for special occassions, vacations, or just to look healthy and at your best.


Single Spray Tan Session

One custom spray tanning session.

20 minutes$35.00

Package of 5 Sprays

Five spray tanning sessions

5 Spray Tans$150.00
10 spray tans$200.00